Zac delivers campaign victory with UK Government set to outlaw trophy hunting imports

MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston and International Wildlife Minister Zac Goldsmith has announced that the UK Government will issue a consultation for what would be the toughest hunting trophy import laws in the world.

For many years, Zac has campaigned against trophy hunting, which sees hunters pay huge fees to kill threatened wild animals, like lions, elephants and rhinos. The Government has announced a consultation with a view to banning the import of these so-called trophies. Such legislation would go further than other countries (France, the Netherlands and Australia) who currently only have bans on specific animals such as lions.

Zac said: “The fight against trophy hunting of endangered animals matters. It is clear that it is morally indefensible and that is why I am delighted that the Conservative Government will consult on a ban on the import of these trophies. By placing a higher value on animals alive rather than dead, we will begin to turn back the tide of extinction.”

The new measures are expected to come before Parliament following a consultation in the coming weeks.

To read the transcript of Zac’s debate on the issue please click HERE