Economics of Night Flights Launch

Zac Goldsmith MP is hosting the launch of a new report into the economics of Heathrow Airport night flights at the House of Commons, on Thursday 26th January.

BAA surrender! No 3rd runway if Conservatives win election

BAA has finally accepted that its plans for a third runway will be scrapped if the Conservatives win the next election, the Times has reported.

Senior BAA figures have told the Conservatives that the company will stop fighting for the third runway if they form the next government.

August 2010

August 2010 News Update 

BAA accepts defeat over the third runway


BAA, the company that runs Heathrow airport, has officially confirmed that it has scrapped its plans for a third runway.

Triggering a By-Election?

I answered a question at a recent political hustings in exactly the same way that I have answered it many times before. This time it seems to have become news.

Justine Greening joins Mass Rally in Richmond Town

The Shadow London Minister, Justine Greening joined local Conservatives at a mass rally in Richmond Town.
She met residents and discussed our plans to scrap the Third Runway and Richmond Park car parking charges.