The Case Against a 3rd Runway Greater Than Ever

Conservative parliamentary candidate Zac Goldsmith welcomed the Climate Change Committee recommendation for a halt to aviation expansion, and stated that the case against a third runway at Heathrow was greater than ever.

Airtrack consultation deadline

Conservative parliamentary challenger Zac Goldsmith today reminded residents that they had less than 2 weeks to participate in BAA?s latest Airtrack consultation, and offered some solutions of his own to minimise the effect the scheme will have on level crossing congestion in Richmond.

No Tory U-Turn on the Third Runway!

Today’s early edition of the Evening Standard reports splits in the Conservative Party on the issue of Heathrow expansion.
Our Transport Spokesman has since released a strong rebuttal.

Please click on this link to read the full story.

Letter to Editor: Zac’s Correct Position on Heathrow

Dear Editor,

A few weeks ago, Susan Kramer was exposed for misleading Parliament in a cynical attempt to gain political leverage. Among other things, she had claimed that I had “written to local papers arguing for the closure of Heathrow and its replacement with an estuary airport.”

We Already Have Enough Airports

Dear Editor,

Cllr Jane Dodds (Tories, what?s your stand on emission?) wants to know what the conservatives, and specifically I think about carbon emissions and airports.

Heathrow – We Need Your Help!

Greenepace have bought a piece of land slap bang in the middle of the proposed third runway site at Heathrow. Were not going to let the runway get built and we need your help.