Heathrow Economic Expansion Leaflet

Heathrow: No Economic Case for Expansion

“There are now increasing grounds to believe that the economic case for a third runway is flawed, even without addressing the environmental concerns” David Cameron, 2008

Heathrow Public Meeting

Heathrow Public Meeting

I have organised a special public meeting with BAA to discuss Heathrow related issues
Thursday 10th November,  at 7.15pm at Duke Street Church, TW9 1DH.

Zac for The Richmond and Kingston Informer: Heathrow Trials

As residents will know, the Government has announced a new trial at Heathrow where airport operator, BAA, will be able to make use of both runways at times of severe congestion caused for example by bad weather.

Operational Freedom Trials at Heathrow

I have recently spoken directly with the Aviation Minister Theresa Villiers MP and subsequently written to her to stress again the huge concern of my constituents living under the Heathrow flight path, and the importance of transparency, quality consultation and engagement with the local communit

Night Flights Meeting

Zac Goldsmith MP will be meeting with the Minister of State for Transport, Theresa Villiers to discuss the forthcoming consultation over changes to the night flights regime at Heathrow Airport.

Good news as BA drops Airtrack Plans

BAA confirmed today that it has decided to withdraw the Transport and Works Act Order application relating to the highly controversial Airtrack scheme, news which has been welcomed by Zac Goldsmith MP.

Zac for the Richmond and Heathrow Informer: Night Flights

Having defeated plans for a new runway, and having secured a promise by the new Government to protect runway alternation, the only respite for residents beneath the flightpath, the next step for campaigners and residents relates to the age-old issue of night flights.

Economics of Night Flights Launch

Zac Goldsmith MP is hosting the launch of a new report into the economics of Heathrow Airport night flights at the House of Commons, on Thursday 26th January.

BAA surrender! No 3rd runway if Conservatives win election

BAA has finally accepted that its plans for a third runway will be scrapped if the Conservatives win the next election, the Times has reported.

Senior BAA figures have told the Conservatives that the company will stop fighting for the third runway if they form the next government.