Zac’s Letters on Heathrow

Richmond & Twickenham Times, Kingston Informer & Surrey Comet
July 2009

Dear Editor,

I wish to put the record straight regarding the Conservative Party’s Position on Heathrow’s Third runway.

On Tuesday of this week it was reported that a Conservative MP, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown had suggested that the Party’s position on Heathrow expansion ‘might have to be revisited’ after the election.

The reports sent shudders down the spines of many west London residents and others in the country who are concerned about the wider issues relating to the environment. But what Mr Clifton-Brown has said is plain wrong.

The Conservative Party remains resolute. Our Transport spokesman, Theresa Villiers immediately slapped down the comments saying: ‘Our position is clear and will not change. Under a Conservative government there will be no third runway at Heathrow.’ Conservative London spokesman, Justine Greening added: ‘The policy is cut and dry. It’s not for reopening.’

If the Conservatives were to weaken their very strong stance on Heathrow, it would represent an unacceptable breach of trust, and whatever faith people have in political promises would simply vanish. Conservatives know that, and have no intention of further undermining democracy. Of course some Conservative MPs disagree with the Party line, but there is no prospect of the Party line changing.

In my own political campaign, I have repeatedly promised constituents that under a Conservative government there will be no Third runway. I would therefore never accept a reversal of our position, under any circumstances.


Zac Goldsmith
Conservative Parliamentary


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