Zac Goldsmith Q&A at Broomfield House School

Zac Goldsmith visited Year 3 pupils at Broomfield House, the oldest independent school in Kew on Friday 18th of January to hear pupils’ views on zoos.

Zac was met on arrival by Alisha, a Year 4 pupil, who had previously written to Zac. He held a Q&A with the class of eight year olds, during which the children discussed what they had been learning and discussing in their lessons about animals in captivity.  

Zac shared examples of some of the world’s most miserable zoos, as well as organisations like Howletts Wild Animal Park, which facilitates the return of captive gorillas and other animals to the African wilderness.  Zac also answered the pupils questions about politics, Brexit, being an MP and elections.

Zac said of the visit: “It was a pleasure to return to Broomfield House School to discuss zoos and animal welfare. As ever, the children were engaged, informed and hugely impressive. I am very grateful to Ms Cash and Mr Hepper for organising the visit and to all the pupils I met for welcoming me to their wonderful school. I look forward to seeing them again in Parliament.”