Zac Goldsmith MP visits Darell Primary School to discuss Space Exploration with Students

On Monday 1st April, Zac Goldsmith MP visited Darell Primary School to discuss the merits of Space Exploration with year 5 pupils. The pupils had taken the time to write individual letters to their local MP, to express their own views on the issue.

A report in March (2019) by the UK Space Agency stated that “investments in space programmes bring significant benefits for society”. Pupils debated whether the present estimated £30 million a year spent on space exploration should be spent in this area or whether the money would be better spent elsewhere.

Zac said of his visit: “Pupils presented a wide range of views, with some excited by the prospect of continued investment in space exploration and others expressing a view that energy and resources would be better spent looking after the planet we inhabit. Their questions were hugely impressive and it was a pleasure spending time with them.”