Zac Goldsmith MP letter on Heathrow

Dear Resident,

Heathrow Airport is running a consultation on the use of airspace, to inform their proposals both for the operation of three runways if expansion goes ahead and for two runways in any case.

The airspace change proposals for the existing two runways would enable Heathrow Airport to increase the number of flights by 25,000 per year, an additional 68 flights every day.

I have organised a public meeting for residents to put their questions directly to Heathrow representatives, as well as members of the No Third Runway Coalition. I very much hope you will be able to attend.


Duke St Church, Duke Street, Richmond, TW9 1DH

7pm; Wednesday 27th February


It is vital that local communities like ours, which bear the brunt of plane noise from Heathrow, have our say in response to this consultation, and the No 3Rd Runway Coalition has produced this helpful guide to how you may wish to answer the questions. The consultation is not particularly clear, so the guide breaks it down into each of the “topics” Heathrow divides the consultation into on its online form.


However, I recognise that many residents may have neither the time nor the expertise to fully answer the consultation – if so, I would recommend that those people simply answer Question 8. I have prepared the paragraph as a guide as to how you might want to answer it:


I am opposed to the expansion of Heathrow Airport and the proposed additional 260,000 flights annually that this would deliver. My community is already blighted by noise and air pollution from aircraft and I object to any proposals that would result in an increase in this blight. The proposals in the consultation are very technical and require a high level of expertise to interpret. Owing to the absence of precise flight paths and comparative maps for existing aircraft operations, the real impact of the proposals on the community remains unclear. Consequently, I am also opposed to the introduction of an extra 25,000 flights per year. I do not support the proposed use of Independent Parallel Approaches (IPA) that would be required to allow these extra flights to occur. I believe that predictable and consistent respite from aircraft noise is essential for our communities. Therefore, I also support a night flight ban but believe that this should operate for a minimum of 8 hours.


You can respond to the consultation until 11.55pm on 4 March 2019:


Best wishes,


Zac Goldsmith MP