Zac Goldsmith MP Discusses Future of Richmond Park

Zac Goldsmith held a meeting with Mr Simon Richards, Park Manager and Mr Adam Curtis, Assistant Park Manager on Monday, 16th of July at Holly Lodge in Richmond Park.  Zac and the Park Managers discussed the fundraising opportunities which will result from the Royal Parks transition into a charity

After discussing the much-needed resurfacing work to the roads within the Park, after badger tunnels have damaged parts of the current network, Zac offered his support in Parliament for efforts which would control pests and diseases in the Park, such as Lyme disease.  The Park Managers advised that the level of infected tick in Richmond Park is low compared with elsewhere in the UK; however, Zac questioned what more can be done to educate local residents and users of the Park regarding the risks posed by tics.

After meeting with the Royal Parks, Zac Goldsmith said: “It was useful catching up with the Managers at Richmond Park and discussing their incredible work and the upcoming opportunities.”

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