Zac Goldsmith discusses the Flu Vaccine with Dr Tymens.

Zac Goldsmith MP met with Dr Darren Tymens at the Sheen Lane Centre in East Sheen on Thursday 22nd November to discuss the local uptake of the flu jab.

Dr Tymens told Zac: “We are very worried at the moment about flu uptake this year.  We know that in Key groups we’re trying to immunise, the uptake has been about 20% lower than last year, and we’re not quite sure why.  Key groups include the over 65’s, women who are pregnant, anybody who has a long term chronic illness, such as asthma or other respiratory conditions, heart disease and a longer list which is available on the NHS website, plus also two and three year olds and children from reception all the way through to year nine.”

Zac said; “It is hugely important for vulnerable groups to get their flu jab. For those who qualify, it is available for free on the NHS.”

Further information on those who are eligible for the flu jab and why it is important to become immunised against influenza can be found on the NHS website.