TFL Update: Alternative cross river transport around Hammersmith Bridge

Following the closure of Hammersmith Bridge in April 2019, TfL, and the boroughs to the north and south of the bridge are aware that for some, crossing the river has become very difficult.

Following consideration of the options available, such as rickshaws or golf buggies, a decision has been reached for TfL to enhance the existing Dial a Ride services to meet the demands of local people who are unable to walk across the bridge and for those who find the current public transport provision too challenging

A solution had to be reached that did not add any physical load to the bridge and  could be run continuously during the works. Using the existing Dial a Ride service meant lengthy licensing and safety issues associated with other options could also be avoided.

Residents living within 1 mile of the bridge will be able to call the dedicated bridge assistance helpline to arrange for assistance from the Dial a Ride team to cross to the other bank of the river via an alternative bridge.

Customers who are already Dial-a-Ride members will be scheduled onto TfL’s mini-buses in the local area where possible, or on taxis if not.

Those who are not existing members and live within the identified area can be fast tracked to becoming members if they are eligible. Full details can be found at

The Dial a Ride team are keen to hear from anyone in the identified area who is struggling to use mainstream public transport to complete their journeys across the river. The assistance number is 0343 222 7777 and operating times of the service are from 08:00 – 20:00 7 days a week. The call centre staff will ask for details of the specific travel needs that will allow the customer to travel, as well as taking a name and a contact number.  They’ll also be able to book the return journey if required.

For those that arrive at the bridge, marshals will remain at either end and if a vulnerable person or someone who is struggling with the pedestrian routes across the bridge needs help, the marshals can call the Dial a Ride team on their behalf.