Sheen Lane Tesco Agrees to Restrict Delivery Times

Zac Goldsmith MP has welcomed assurances from Tesco that their store on Sheen Lane near Mortlake will restrict morning deliveries to between 0700hrs and 0800hrs.

Alongside Councillors and Thompson House Junior School teachers and parents, Zac has been lobbying Tesco to stop unloading during school drop-off and pick-up times as this causes a dangerous level of congestion around the school, especially as the nearby rail crossing can often be closed for as much as 45 minutes within an hour. Tesco have volunteered to ensure deliveries happen between 0700hrs to 0800hrs to avoid school times and have promised to work to ensure that deliveries do not run over these times.

Zac and the local councillors have cautiously welcomed these assurances. However if Tesco continues to deliver outside of these new agreed times, Zac has said he will lobby Richmond Council to formally intervene by imposing these time restrictions on their licence.