Meeting at Thompson House School

Zac met with parents at Thompson House School on the 2nd February to discuss issues around road safety and air quality on Sheen Lane. 

Parents put forward numerous ideas for tackling air pollution, particularly around Sheen Lane level crossing. They asked if Tesco lorry deliveries could happen at night to avoid the daily competition at rush hour. Tesco lorries add significantly to the traffic and level crossing issues by blocking the road at peak times. Zac agreed to convey their suggestions to the council and to ask what they can do to limit deliveries to certain night time hours.

Zac relayed to parents the outcome of a recent meeting he convened with Network Rail, Transport for London, the developers of the Mortlake Brewery site and Councillors. It was agreed that they would establish a working group to explore the possibility of redeveloping the station to include a sloping footbridge to help people with buggies and bikes.




On February 2nd, 2018, posted in: ConstituencyPress Release by Zac Goldsmith