Lib Dem Claims are Wrong

The Group leading the fight against night-flights and Heathrow expansion has described Susan Kramer’s claims that Zac Goldsmith is soft on the issue as “ridiculous”. Tens of thousands of Richmond and Kingston residents were told in a glossy Lib Dem newsletter that Zac Goldsmith’s opposition to airport expansion is ‘wavering’.

John Stewart, head of HACAN, has said, “It is quite wrong (and actually ridiculous!) for anybody to say that the Quality of Life report doesn’t extend to Richmond. It is a core part of Zac Goldsmith’s beliefs that there should be no expansion at Heathrow. His strong position on HEathrow is helping to change the political debate across the country.”

While Zac’s recommendations to the Conservative Party were backed by a wide range of organisations, like Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and HACAN, he was heavily criticised by some air operators including Easyjet, Flybe and BAA. “It is bizarre that the only criticism we’ve had has been from vested interest and the Lib Dems. This is such a huge issue, we really need to surround the government with opposition. That means working together, not scoring points.”


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