Conservative Party States it’s Position on Heathrow

The Conservative Party Rules Out Third Runway, Pledges to Maintain Runway Alternation, and Vows Not to Allow Mixed Mode to be Introduced.

  • Transport Spokesman, Theresa Villiers said: ‘Labour’s determination to press ahead with a third runway at Heathrow is deeply misguided. If the Conservatives win the next general election, we will scrap Labour’s plans for a third runway at Heathrow. We will also scrap the Government’s proposal to end runway alternation at Heathrow. The simple fact is that the environmental and social costs of a third runway outweigh its potential economic benefits.”


  • Ms Villiers said under a Conservative government, she would not allow mixed mode to be introduced


  • The big news to emerge from the six hour debate on Heathrow expansion called by the Government on Tuesday 11th November was the confirmation that the Conservatives are committed to scrapping ALL expansion plans for Heathrow. Theresa Villiers, the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, said in her speech in the debate that the Party would get rid of mixed-mode (and retain runway alternation) as well as a 3rd runway and 6th terminal


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