Local News

The Russel School Launches Plastic Campaign

Zac Goldsmith MP addressed the assembly at the Russell School on 21 June, and heard directly from the pupils about their campaign to reduce plastic waste at the school.

Zac Hosts Gorilla Organisation Reception

On the evening of Monday 18 June, enthusiastic supporters of gorillas came together for a special Westminster reception hosted by Zac Goldsmith MP and the Gorilla Organization.

Has Your School Visited Parliament?

Zac Goldsmith MP has written to every school in his constituency to encourage them to organise trips to Parliament for their students. After being given a tour by Parliamentary guides, Zac meets them for a Q&A session covering national and local politics.

American Students, Richmond University

Zac Goldsmith MP invited a group of American politics students from Western New England University, currently studying at Richmond University, to see him in Parliament for a tour and a Q+A session.

Ivory Bill

Every year, 20,000 elephants are killed for their tusks—the equivalent of one elephant being killed every 25 minutes. The ivory trade has been the major contributor to a shocking 90 per cent fall in the elephant population over the last century.

Richmond Park Academy Student Alliance Visit Parliament

Students from the Richmond Park Academy visited Parliament to meet Richmond Park and North Kingston MP Zac Goldsmith and be given a tour of the building followed by a Q+A with the MP. They were accompanied by Head Master Paul Mundy- Castle.

Zac Goldsmith MP said:

The Mall School

Year 8 students from The Mall School visited Parliament for a tour of the buildings followed by a Q+A with their MP, Zac Goldsmith.  The visit was part of a wider programme for Year 8 boys leaving the School.