Local News

Lib Dem Claims are Wrong

The Group leading the fight against night-flights and Heathrow expansion has described Susan Kramer’s claims that Zac Goldsmith is soft on the issue as “ridiculous”.

Local Cricket Match Raises

Cricket legends Shane Warne and Imran Khan joined members of the Goldsmith clan for a charity cricket match in Ham.

What is Runway Alternation?

It is difficult to grasp what aircraft noise is like in West London unless you have experienced it. Visitors to the area stand in amazement as they hear the planes roaring overhead, one landing every 90 seconds.

Zac ‘No to Heathrow Expansion’

Lib Dem MP John Barrett is hosting an event in the House of Lords on July 2 on behalf of British Airways. The event is titled: Heathrow – A New Airport for London; Transforming the Passenger Experience.