My Plan for Richmond Park and North Kingston

Zac has a record of action in Richmond Park and North Kingston. And he has a plan to deliver even more…

  1. Campaigning to re-open Hammersmith Bridge  

It is unacceptable that the bridge will be shut for 3 years and repairs will cost £120m. I am insisting that TfL look into cheaper and faster options. I’ve also asked the Treasury to offer business rate reliefs to local businesses that have been affected.

  1. Supporting the local economy

I continue to champion local businesses and employers, including our excellent small shops across Richmond and Kingston. Within Government, I am working with other Ministers to maintain a strong economy and deliver lower taxes. 

  1. Strongly opposing Heathrow Expansion

I remain totally devoted to opposing Heathrow expansion, and continue to support the legal challenge brought by local councils and environmental groups. 

  1. Keeping Richmond and Kingston safe

I am working closely in Government to ensure that Richmond and Kingston see as many of the new 20,000 police officers recently committed, as possible. 

  1. Improving local infrastructure

I am committed to working with local residents to ensure that new developments are in keeping with our local area, and will continue to campaign against any building on our precious parks and green spaces. 

  1. Supporting local schools

I will be ensuring that as much of the extra £14bn schools funding recently committed by Government, will be coming to Richmond and Kingston.


Heathrow: NPS

The Government produced its National Policy Statement this week, paving the way for a third runway at Heathrow airport.