Hammersmith Bridge Closure Consultation

Asking local residents about proposals for temporary solutions  

Since the bridge closed in April earlier this year, I have been working to find a cost-efficient and innovative solution to relieve local traffic and re-open Hammersmith bridge as soon as possible.

TfL and Hammersmith & Fulham Council (who own the bridge) have agreed on a proposal that will cost £120m and take three years to complete to repair the bridge.

I believe that we need a temporary solution quickly, to allow pedestrians, cyclists, cars and buses to cross the river as soon as possible. We cannot wait three years for a solution.

That’s why I’m supporting a temporary bridge to be built alongside the existing structure, and am working with residents and Government to lobby TfL to support one.

But TfL and Hammersmith & Fulham Council (who own the bridge) continue to drag their feet.

So please complete my consultation to tell me what you think about a temporary bridge, and to vote on your preferred design, so that I can continue to work to deliver a solution as quickly as possible.

I recently wrote to my constituents to inform them about this consultation and invite them to share their views. To read my letter click here.

To view the Hammersmith Bridge Timeline of Action, please click here

Two proposals have been put forward: 

Proposal 1 - Anthony Carlile have submitted a proposal for a temporary bridge built on barges that could sustain buses and cars, as well as cycles and pedestrians. The barges would allow for river traffic to cross underneath with one of the larger barges available to open to allow larger boats to cross.


Proposal 2 - Beckett Rankine have submitted a proposal for a temporary bridge with a 7.5m wide carriageway for cars and buses, and 1.5m wide pedestrian footway. Their proposal would cost £5m to build and remove, and the structure would last 10 years.


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Please take part in the consultation

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1. On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is ‘not at all’ and 10 is ‘very much’, how much have you been impacted by the closure of Hammersmith bridge on a daily basis?
2. Currently, bridges across London are owned by their respective local councils. Do you think that TfL should take over the control and maintenance of Hammersmith Bridge?
3. In the event of the bridge needing to be closed for three years for repairs, in principle, do you support a new temporary bridge being built alongside Hammersmith bridge?
4. If Yes, do you agree that Historic England should give permission for a temporary bridge to be built, even if it blocks the view of the existing bridge over that period?
5. Should a temporary bridge be open to cars and buses, or just pedestrians and cyclists?
6. Would you prefer a temporary bridge to connect via the St Pauls’ playing fields (west of the current bridge) or via Castelnau (east of the current bridge)?
7. Do you think Richmond Council and TfL should be conducting an area wide traffic study to better understand what if any mitigating measures could be implemented on a wider scale to ease through traffic in the borough?