More good news on the environment

I have had a huge number of letters about the alarming decline in our pollinators, and I know many of my constituents have joined calls for a ban on the most likely cause – the use of neonicotinoid pesticides.

I have long campaigned for the ban, but have faced enormous resistance. So I am absolutely delighted by Michael Gove’s plans to introduce a ban.

This decision follows a string of good news for animals and the environment, including:

  • a commitment that CCTVs will be legally required in all slaughterhouses to prevent the kinds of abuses we have seen in our newspapers.
    • a commitment that microbeads – those tiny particles of plastic that cause havoc in our ocean environments – are being banned.
    • a commitment that the maximum sentence for animal cruelty will increase from 6 months to 5 years.
    • a consultation, finally, on mechanisms to cut waste from plastic bottles.
  • a total ban on the sale of ivory in the UK

There’s much more to do of course, but we have seen more positive action in the past four months than we have in the past seven years.


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