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Where do I Stand? :: Transport

photoThere was a time when car ownership was a genuine luxury, sought by all. But that luxury became a necessity, and as our built environment and way of life evolved around the assumption of the car, so too did our dependence escalate. The resulting congestion and pollution cause problems at every level of society. What's clear is that business as usual is no longer an option.


We can clean up our car fleet by taxing the dirtiest new cars and using ALL the proceeds to reduce the cost of the cleanest cars. We can promote developments that design the need for cars out of the system and promote walking. We can, through existing technologies enable people to travel less. Companies like BT have saved hundreds of millions of pounds using video monitors. Above all, we must improve public transport.

Read more on Zac's website, developed to outline the issues in his book, The Constant Economy:


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