Zac’s Speech on Heathrow

In Monday’s debate on Heathrow, the time was restricted by Government and Zac Goldsmith MP was given just 4 minutes to make the case against – before MPs were asked to vote for a third runway. Here is the transcript of the speech he would have given if he had been given the time to […] read more

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Wrong scheme, wrong place – Heathrow’s third runway should never take off

Justine Greening is MP for Putney, and a former Secretary of State for Transport. Zac Goldsmith is MP for Richmond Park. No-one is ever more certain of a prevailing wisdom than the day before it’s proved wrong. When something’s apparently so obviously true then people stop looking at the detail. And when someone challenges that […] read more

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Zac Goldsmith Heathrow Statement Speech

Zac Goldsmith Heathrow Statement Speech read more

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Heathrow: NPS

The Government produced its National Policy Statement this week, paving the way for a third runway at Heathrow airport. This wasn’t unexpected.  Indeed the decision was made a year and a half ago, and at the time I resigned as an MP and triggered a by-election. I didn’t do so because I felt it was […] read more

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MPs meet Transport Secretary to share concerns on Heathrow Expansion

A cross-party group of MPs met with the Secretary of State for Transport to express their concerns about the proposed expansion of Heathrow. Zac Goldsmith, Ruth Cadbury and Sir Vince Cable and met with the Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling MP to highlight the significant gaps in information still contained in Heathrow’s expansion proposals. The MPs […] read more

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Heathrow Public Meeting with Zac Goldsmith and Justine Greening MP

    Zac Goldsmith MP co-hosted a public meeting with Justine Greening MP to discuss Heathrow Expansion and to update residents about the campaign against it. Despite the difficult weather conditions, the hall was packed with residents. The discussion covered the safety risk of 260k more planes per year, the misleading information regarding the economic benefits […] read more

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Heathrow Airport slammed for dividend pay-out 

Heathrow shareholders will receive a windfall of over £500 million in dividend payments, despite the airport’s calls for more public money to fund improved road and rail connections as part of its plans for a third runway. Transport for London, which has been excluded from the Department for Transport’s working group on surface access to […] read more

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Guide to answering the Heathrow Consultation

Please click on this LINK for a briefing on the Heathrow consultation, produced by the No3rdrunway Coalition Group. It highlights why Heathrow have chosen to consult and how it fits into the wider timetable, points that are absent and questions you may want to ask Heathrow. read more

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700 planes appear across London on Heathrow decision anniversary

“An Extra 700 a day”  700 planes appear across London on Heathrow decision anniversary 25 October 2017   For Immediate Release Marking the first anniversary of the government’s decision to “accept the recommendation of the Airports Commission” to expand Heathrow, 700 model planes were planted in public places around London and beyond, this morning, to highlight the […] read more

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New cross-party MP group to oppose Heathrow Expansion

A new All Party Parliamentary Group was launched in Westminster yesterday. The APPG on Heathrow Expansion was set up to bring together MPs opposed to a third runway and examine issues related to the proposed expansion. A very well attended AGM took place with parliamentarians from across the political spectrum present and additional numbers unable […] read more

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Investors beware, I will never let a third runway be built at Heathrow

The question of airport expansion has festered for decades, and Brexit makes it even more important that a decision is made. Many people, in business and politics alike, think the Government should just get on with it. That is why expanding Heathrow would be the wrong choice. If Heathrow gets a green light, we will […] read more

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Heathrow Update

Here is a brief update on the campaign against Heathrow expansion.  First, the timetable. Although the Government hasn’t yet made a formal announcement, it is expected that we will hear their favoured option (Gatwick versus Heathrow) in mid October. A fortnight or so later, it is likely that MPs will be asked to vote on one of […] read more

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Heathrow Airport third runway plan ‘has £500m gap’

Heathrow’s plans for a third runway contain a £500 million “gap” that could be passed on to taxpayers, Tory MP Zac Goldsmith claimed today. That is the estimated cost of relocating a giant incinerator that takes waste from hospitals, firms and the military around the region. Lakeside Energy from Waste Treat- ment Centre at Colnbrook […] read more

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Heathrow: The wrong choice

Now that Britain has a new Prime Minister, it is time for us to ensure Theresa May rules out a 3rd Runway once and for all. The decision is likely to be taken towards the end of the summer, so Zac Goldsmith has today written to the Prime Minister and Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to […] read more

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Standard: Heathrow as a hub is not the answer to our airport dilema

On the back of its decision to keep all airport expansion options on the table, the Government has faced a savage backlash. It has been accused of causing an unnecessary delay, and of being overly influenced by my own campaigning on the issue. I can’t object to the second point, or see it as a […] read more

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Heathrow update

Dear Resident, I wanted to write to you following the Government’s announcement in response to the Airports Commission. I know this has been a time of real anxiety for many in our community, and I am absolutely delighted that, after much campaigning, the Government has heard the arguments, seen sense and will judge the options […] read more

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Five London Mayoral Candidates will meet tomorrow at an Anti- Heathrow Expansion Rally organised by Zac Goldsmith in Parliament Square (Saturday October 10th, 11am-12pm).    In addition to the London Mayoral Candidates for Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and UKIP, the crowd will also hear from John McDonnell,  the Shadow Chancellor,  John Stewart […] read more

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New Heathrow Campaign launched today

On the 2nd September, the Coalition Against Heathrow Expansion launched their first campaign against a possible 3rd runway delivering over 1.6m flyers across London and the South East. The Coalition includes the Mayor of London, Conservative MP, Zac Goldsmith, five councils, Cross-Party MPs and campaign groups including Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. The flyers […] read more

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MPs slam flawed Airports Consultation and urge PM to rule out Heathrow Expansion

David Cameron has been urged to rule out Heathrow expansion or to reopen the Airports Commission’s consultation on air quality. In a joint letter coordinated by Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston, 32 senior figures – including seven other MPs, six town hall leaders, academics, peers, environmental experts and London Assembly Members […] read more

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Air Quality – Letter to Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister, As you know, air quality is a huge cause of public concern, particularly in London. The associated health and environmental challenges are becoming clearer by the day. Last week a new report from academics at Kings College London estimated that the equivalent of up to 10,000 deaths in the capital are brought […] read more

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